The Most Effective Advertising Techniques for Your Business

Emotional attractiveness is one of the most powerful marketing techniques. It is a way to reach out to anyone with feelings. Television commercials are a great example of this tactic. Social media marketing is also an effective way to connect with your ideal customers online.

It is all about showing care and meeting them where they are. Email marketing is also very effective, as it allows you to use the power of intelligent email marketing to drive leads into your sales funnel. Repetition is an advertising technique that can be used at the micro or macro level. It can be used in a single ad, in a single campaign, or in all marketing materials for a given brand.

For example, Coca-Cola used repetition in a Valentine's Day Instagram post, where they repeated their logo in several bottle-cap circles that combined to form a heart. This is an example of repetition at the micro level. At the macro level, repetition can be seen in the brand name and slogan of McDonald's: “Ba-dah-ba-ba-ba-bah, I love it”. This concept is related to the Marketing Rule of Seven, which states that most people need to interact with a brand seven times before buying. The HeadOn ad that was first shown during a Super Bowl broadcast is a classic example of this advertising technique.

Even though the ad never explained what the product does, viewers remembered its name. Today, smart marketing is no longer just about creating TV commercials or magazine ads; consumers are now finding new products and services on the web thanks to digital platforms such as mobile advertising campaigns, social media, and influential blog referrals. Having a social media page is not enough; you need to be part of a larger conversation with your customers and prospects. You need to target them in a timely manner and make your business look good. Mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular and mobile advertising is changing the rules of the game.

To make sure your company website looks good and works smoothly on multiple devices, you need to optimize it for mobile usage. Creativity is still the foundation of effective advertising techniques. But today, data drives advertising and its influence will only grow. You have to use the newest advertising tools and be creative to stand out in the sea of advertising. Native ads are very effective as they allow you to test and review without losing your audience in the process.

Bandwagon advertising is also ideal for target markets that tend to show difficulty in making decisions. Propaganda techniques are also successfully transferred to advertising and remain the most widely used. Body language is another form of non-verbal communication that can be used in advertising. Nowadays, every company needs to keep up with the newest advertising tools and techniques if they want to succeed.

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