The Impact of Advertising on Consumer Behavior

Advertising is a powerful tool that companies use to create an emotional connection with their target audience and influence their purchasing decisions. It is essential for businesses to understand how advertising affects consumer behavior in order to create effective and memorable ads. Research has shown that advertisements can change consumer opinion about a particular product, and levels of advertising spending are good indicators of high quality and good purchases. Additionally, entertainment in advertising can have an impact on consumers, as it can influence their thoughts and decisions.

Companies are increasingly focusing on social media and mobile advertising, which could soon take over television advertising. A good quality advertisement is likely to influence consumers to buy that product, while a poor quality advertisement will do the opposite. Consumers don't want ads, but an advertisement is a great way for them to learn about the products or services they do need. Companies should focus on how they can differentiate themselves from their competition and announce that difference through various types of advertisements.

Duncan and Nelson (198) conducted a study on how entertainment in advertising affects consumers. They analyzed 157 responses to advertising and found that entertaining ads can influence consumers. Kumar & Raju (201), in his article “The Role of Advertising in Consumer Decision Making”, discovered that advertisements can change consumer opinion about a particular product. At the very least, some consumers in the target age group would recognize, identify, and reflect on the company's advertisement, and ideally share it.

We believe that the study will provide useful information for advertising scholars and executives to understand the ins and outs of advertising and help marketers introduce better approaches to advertising. Advertising has always been one of the key factors affecting the consumer's decision-making process.

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