10 Examples of Great Advertising Strategies

Ads that encourage potential customers to purchase a specific product or service are known as retail ads. These ads typically include specific products, their prices, sales dates, coupons, and a call to action. Examples of retail advertising include ads for car dealers, supermarket ads in newspapers, and advertisements for clothing and jewelry stores. In this post, we've covered 10 brands that nailed their marketing strategies.

They came up with a whole new tactic to engage customers or put an innovative spin on an existing strategy. Paper towel brand Bounty uses guerrilla marketing techniques to surprise people. In simple words, guerrilla marketing means putting your brand in front of people in unexpected ways. Bounty presented life-size “spills” in busy areas of downtown New York.

The knocked down coffee cups and giant ice creams that melt are sure to catch people's attention. Bounty placed stacks of his paper towels next to the mess to convey his messages in a visual but minimalist way. Myfix Cycles uses retargeting brilliantly. Partnered with Webrrunner Media to run a retargeting campaign on Facebook.

They installed a tracking code called Facebook Pixel on their website to follow site visitors tenaciously around the web. GoPro cameras are a hit with adrenaline junkies who love to capture their reckless acrobatics in a movie. GoPro makes it easy for customers to create and share branded videos shot with their cameras. Your video editing program automatically adds the company logo and branding elements to each clip.

GoPro then shares this UGC on their social accounts. This has a snowball effect and encourages other GoPro users to create branded videos. GoPro increases stakes with its GoPro prizes. They reward owners of the best content with gear, cash prizes or “social stokes” (a term they have coined for acknowledgments and new actions on GoPro's official social accounts).

If you are targeting young people, you should opt for advertising on social networks, YouTube ads and the world wide web because today, most young people spend their time on these platforms and spend less time watching television or reading newspapers. During major festivals such as Diwali, Dussehra, Christmas, companies such as Amazon and Flipkart do intense advertising, resulting in millions of revenue generation for these companies. Seasonal advertising is not only adopted by giant companies, it is also popularly used by small businesses to attract customers. Social media advertising is one of the most popular advertising strategies used by companies to advertise their products and services and stay in touch with their customers.

Companies create their social media handles on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., and share information about your business on these platforms. Not only can people learn about the products and services that companies offer, but they can also interact with markets through these platforms. In a proprietary advertising strategy, you get your customers involved in your advertising campaign. For example, coca asked its customers to share their selfies with a bottle of coca on their social media platforms and tag them in their posts.

It's always good to take a look at examples of great marketing campaigns to help your creative juices flow. You may not have the same budget as these big brands, but many marketing strategies can be easily adapted to businesses of all sizes. Spotify is one of the world's best-known companies because it focuses on helping users discover new content. Spotify breaks the mold of typical music streaming platforms and instead offers listeners a user experience.

GoPro cameras are a favorite among adventures, adrenaline junkies and athletes because they manage to record content that was almost impossible to record with traditional cameras due to the nature of your product. The Rainforest Alliance created an annual campaign called Follow the Frog which can be adapted for B2B and B2C organizations that want to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by incorporating the green frog seal into their products and sharing stories about their efforts to be greener. Business marketing strategies are a tool that marketers use to outline their various campaigns and marketing models which is how you'll get customers interested in your products and services. Content marketing seeks to create and share material online such as blogs, social media posts or videos without directly promoting any brand while increasing business presence and providing valuable information to customers.

Direct marketing is communication with customers through mail, brochures etc.

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