What are the Advertising Objectives and Goals?

Advertising is a process of developing a paid communication message aimed at informing people about something or influencing them to buy, try or do something. Its main purpose is to communicate about the product and the service to the potential customer, and its long-term goal is to generate profits for the company. Advertising should capture people's attention and make them aware of the products or their characteristics on the market, while also educating them about availability, quality, price, uses, etc. It can also be used to strengthen brands and create strong brand recall.

To determine decision-making criteria and measurement standards for evaluating advertising effort, management must first establish advertising goals. Colley in his book 'Defining advertising targets for measured advertising results, 1961' referred to the principle of DAGMAR, and stressed that the result should not be considered only in terms of sales quota, but of the actual effect on the target group. Therefore, the contribution of advertising to converting the product into sales for consumer satisfaction is only part of the total process. In a competitive market, establishing brand image is an important aspect of the advertising process.John Wanamaker and Leverhulme famously said “Half of my advertising is wasted; the problem is that I don't know which half”. This statement highlights how big advertising has become and how many people get confused about the differences between marketing and advertising.

To arrive at a design of a new product accordingly, advertisers analyze the popularity of existing products. The overall purpose of advertising is to inform customers about the attributes and uses of the product. Its goals may include increasing sales, developing public relations, etc. The advertiser must ensure that their message reaches their target audience in order to achieve these goals. The product market is maintained if the producer's image is maintained through advertising and other marketing practices. Mitchell and Haigy stated that “the purpose of advertising is to sell goods, services or ideas to a large group of potential buyers”.

The objective of advertising is also to provide a rationalization for the purchase to buyers in order to make a correct selection of the product they need. In conclusion, without further ado, we present you with 11 goals of advertising and the goals that it can achieve for an organization. Advertising should capture people's attention and make them aware of products or their characteristics on the market. The overall purpose of advertising is to inform customers about attributes and uses of a product while providing a rationalization for purchase.

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