The Best Commercial Examples of All Time

The Egyptians in 2000 BC technically invented the first form of outdoor advertising, although today we could consider it slightly different. One of the most successful campaigns in history was Absolut's print marketing campaign, which began in 1980 and lasted 25 years with more than 1500 different images. This campaign managed to increase Absolut's share of the US vodka market. In 1957, Clairol launched a print ad with the slogan “does it or does it not?”, taking advantage of the idea that hair coloring could be a secret between a woman and her hairdresser.

Prior to Nike's “Just Do It” campaign in the late 1980s, the sportswear retailer almost exclusively supplied professional athletes and marathon runners. This huge campaign managed to change the perception of the brand by taking advantage of the latest US fitness fad and rebranding as a clothing store for the masses. Google's annual video is used to promote its services, reminding users how much they use and trust the search engine in their daily lives. All videos contain a powerful message and tell a story of the past 12 months.

Print ads have been available since 1472, when the first one was published in England. Radio advertising dates back to 1920, when the first commercial radio stations were launched in the United States. Television commercials originated in the 1940s with the promotion of practical articles and political campaigns. Internet advertising took root in the mid-1990s with the launch of commercials for several telecommunications companies.

Nike's product was aimed almost exclusively at marathon runners until a fitness craze arose and Nike's marketing department knew they had to take advantage of it to beat their main competitor, Reebok. At that time, Reebok sold more shoes than Nike). And so, in the late 1980s, Nike created Just Do It. campaign.

Coca-Cola fans are regular buyers, and the company leaned towards that sense of individual ownership in full force. Wondering what name you'll get from the vending machine was a fun thrill in itself, even if it's not yours, it encourages you to share a Coca-Cola with whoever name is on the front. Despite not having a distinctive shape, Absolut made its bottle the most recognizable bottle in the world with its campaign featuring print ads showing bottles in nature. Anheuser-Busch showed us how silly and informal an ad can be without disturbing feathers or leaving marks with its series of announcements featuring a group of friends who connect on a group phone call while drinking beer and watching TV.

Volkswagen adapted to the expectations of its audience by showing that Americans always had a propensity to buy large American cars and even 15 years after World War II, most Americans still did not buy small German cars. Apple's Mac vs PC debate ended up being one of its most successful campaigns in history with 42% growth in market share in its first year. These ads told Mac users everything they need to know about the product without being explicit and in a smart way.

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