What are native ads good for?

Consumers see native ads 53% more than display ads. Native ads generate an 18% increase in purchase intent, and visual engagement with native ads is the same, if not slightly higher, than original editorial content. People who publish news and other content need to earn money to continue doing so. Native ads, which are served through a content discovery network, such as Taboola, help publishers earn money by attracting more attention to their content.

Bombfell, for example, saw a 960% increase in mobile conversions with native ad campaigns led by Taboola's premium publishers. Native ads, on the other hand, fit into the media in which the ad is shown. These ads have an editorial look and are less annoying and better selling than other forms of digital ads. Native advertising allows you to distribute content and reach the widest possible audience.

In addition to creating brand awareness, it's your chance to create a relationship that builds trust and loyalty. If a campaign is only shown in a premium publisher like The New York Times, CPM's prices could be higher than a campaign that shows ads on parent forums. Now, more marketers are looking to use the native format outside of the “walled gardens” of social media. This example is undoubtedly a little shady when it comes to the definition of native advertising above.

Its goal is to consolidate a brand's reputation and create an ongoing relationship with customers across different media and channels (which could include native advertising). This ad is a great example of how easily native advertising can put your content right in front of your target consumer. So publishers and brands need to ensure that consumers aren't confused about the commercial intent behind ads Match2One Native gives advertisers access to all native ad inventory, including all premium publishers. The cohesion of native ads with the overall user experience of a website allows advertising without raising reader problems.

There's a good chance that, even if you haven't noticed it, you've seen several examples of native advertising. I think most brands can benefit from using native advertising as a tactic, but it shouldn't inform your entire online marketing strategy. This is further complicated by the fact that there are no definite rules or guidelines for how publishers should label native ads, and transparency standards vary widely from publication to publication. The fact that the ads match the form and function of the website on which they appear makes them as intrusive as possible.

As one of the world's largest content discovery platforms, with ads reaching more than 1 billion unique users a month, Taboola has the expertise and data to help you develop and use native ads that will attract the attention you want. Whether a brand is looking to promote its service or increase its online presence, companies will continue to discover that being “native” will be key to the success of their advertising. You could never tell what a paid ad was and what was a genuine endorsement or recommendation.

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