What is Product Advertising and How Does it Work?

Product advertising is a paid promotional communication that attempts to induce consumers to buy a product. It is one of the oldest forms of marketing that tries to influence the actions of your target audience to buy, sell or do something specific. Communication channels used for product advertising include television, radio, print media, websites, social media, and billboards. Advertising can be niche (targeting a small audience) or general (targeting a large audience) and serves as an introduction to the product and spreads the word about the company.

The Egyptians in 2000 BC technically invented the first form of outdoor advertising, although today we could consider it slightly different. Absolut's print marketing campaign began in 1980 and was incredibly successful. With a duration of 25 years and with more than 1500 different images, this was the longest uninterrupted advertising campaign in history and dramatically increased Absolut's share of the US vodka market. Despite the relatively mundane appearance of the Absolut vodka bottle, this creative marketing campaign involved the use of everyday items and landscapes to mimic form, creating an exciting narrative that everyone loves.

This independent print ad from 1957 used a highly personalized message when the use of artificial hair colors was stigmatized. The slogan “does it or does not?” was created following a real conversation between editor Shirley Polykoff and her mother-in-law, taking advantage of the idea that hair coloring could be a secret between a woman and her hairdresser. Prior to Nike's “Just Do It” campaign in the late 1980s, the sportswear retailer almost exclusively supplied professional athletes and marathon runners. This huge campaign managed to change the perception of the brand by taking advantage of the latest US fitness fad and rebranding as a clothing store for the masses.

Google's annual video is used to promote their services, reminding users how much they use and trust their search engine in their daily lives. All videos contain a powerful message and tell a story of the past 12 months. Radio advertising dates back to 1920 when the first commercial radio stations were launched in the United States. Today, radio remains a relevant marketing and advertising platform to expand the reach of a sponsored event or new product.

In this ad method, the advertiser pays the radio station to play their ad during designated breaks between music or a radio program. Advertising is any form of paid communication from an identified sponsor or source that draws attention to ideas, goods, services, or the sponsor itself. Most advertising is directed to groups rather than individuals, and advertising is usually delivered through media such as television, radio, newspapers and increasingly, the Internet. Ads are typically measured in impressions (the number of times a consumer is exposed to an ad).

Advertising is a very old form of promotion with roots that go back even to ancient times. In recent decades, advertising practices have changed tremendously as new technologies and media have allowed consumers to bypass traditional advertising venues. Public Service Announcements (PSA) are a category of institutional advertising that focuses on social welfare issues such as driving while intoxicated, drug use and practicing a healthy lifestyle. Public Service Announcements are generally sponsored by nonprofit organizations and government agencies with a particular interest in the causes they promote.

As a method of marketing communication, advertising has advantages and disadvantages. In terms of advantages, advertising creates a sense of credibility or legitimacy when an organization invests in presenting itself and its products in a public forum. Ads can convey a sense of quality and permanence, the idea that a company is not a night flight company. Advertising allows marketers to repeat a message at strategically selected intervals which improves awareness-raising outcomes.

Advertising can generate drama and human interest by presenting people and situations that are exciting or engaging. It can introduce emotions, images and symbols that stimulate desire, and can show how a product or brand compares favorably with the competition. Finally, advertising is an excellent vehicle for brand building as it can create rational and emotional connections with a company or offering that translate into goodwill.

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