What percentage of people allow push notifications?

The average opt-in rate on Android and iOS devices ranged by 67.5%. Android users (with 60%) showed a greater willingness to receive push notifications compared to their iOS counterparts (with 45%). The highest global push notification reaction rates occur on Tuesday, at 8.4%, followed by Sunday at 8.1%. It follows a regular trajectory for the work week, when on Monday people aren't really ready to commit, but on Tuesday they are.

On Sundays people already had the opportunity to decompress after a working week and are therefore more willing to participate with the push notifications that appear on the screens of their smartphones. 85% of Internet users can receive push notifications. Learn more about how push notifications work. To get an inside view, we conducted a survey in collaboration with Research Now to reach the attention of the app's users.

The results provide a revealing insight into how people really feel about push notifications. We would like to introduce you to the statistics of web push notifications that you should know in order to have a clear idea of the features and capabilities of the technology. Now let's switch to the preferences of mobile application users and see what kind of applications they prefer to receive push notifications from. According to statistics from VWO Engage, users are more interested in receiving application push notifications from social media platforms.

But then something interesting happens, sending more than 20 messages will cause only 5% of the app's users to turn off push notifications on their smartphones. Getting app users to opt out gives you a retention advantage, with retention rates for iOS apps that are nearly double those of users who have opted out. When it comes to media, getting extra nuggets of information is something to be expected and push notifications are useful. Operating systems, including MacOS, Android, Windows, and browsers, including Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Yandex, support push notifications.

On the other hand, almost half of those who don't enable push notifications will be lost after just two sessions. For example, there is a three-fold improvement in conversion rates when push notifications are customized to user preferences. The iOS users least willing to react to push notifications live in Spain, only 11% bother to react and the Swiss are the least engaged on the Android side. VWO Engage's push notification statistics analyse how CTR varies by day of the week for the top five push delivery industries.

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