What Percentage of People Allow Push Notifications?

The average opt-in rate for Android and iOS devices is 67.5%. Android users (with 60%) are more likely to accept push notifications than their iOS counterparts (with 45%). The highest global reaction rate to push notifications is on Tuesdays, at 8.4%, followed by Sundays at 8.1%. This follows a regular pattern, with Mondays being the least likely day for people to commit, and Tuesdays being the most likely.

On Sundays, people have had the opportunity to relax after a working week and are thus more open to the notifications that appear on their smartphones. It is estimated that 85% of internet users can receive push notifications. To gain a better understanding of how people feel about them, we conducted a survey in collaboration with Research Now. The results provided us with an insight into the preferences of mobile application users. According to statistics from VWO Engage, users are more interested in receiving push notifications from social media platforms. Interestingly, sending more than 20 messages will only cause 5% of app users to turn off push notifications on their smartphones.

This gives you an advantage in terms of retention, as the retention rates for iOS apps are nearly double those of users who have opted out. Push notifications are useful for providing extra information about media. Operating systems such as MacOS, Android, Windows, and browsers such as Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Yandex all support push notifications. However, almost half of those who don't enable push notifications will be lost after just two sessions. Customizing push notifications to user preferences can result in a three-fold improvement in conversion rates. The iOS users least likely to react to push notifications live in Spain, with only 11% reacting, and Swiss Android users being the least engaged.

VWO Engage's push notification statistics analyse how CTR varies by day of the week for the top five push delivery industries. Those who hit Deal& Coupons or Education & Training should be more disciplined with their notifications - 20 and 25 characters respectively - to get the best results.

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