The Power of Advertising: 10 Examples of Creative Product Ads

Advertising is a powerful tool for businesses to reach their target audience and promote their products. Communication channels used for product advertising include television, radio, print media, websites, social media, and billboards. Creative product ads can be very useful when it comes to inspiring the audience to feel a certain way about your brand. In this article, we will explore 10 examples of creative product ads and explain why they work so well.

The Egyptians in 2000 BC technically invented the first form of outdoor advertising, although today we could consider it slightly different. Absolut's print marketing campaign began in 1980 and was incredibly successful. With a duration of 25 years and with more than 1500 different images, this was the longest uninterrupted advertising campaign in history and dramatically increased Absolut's share of the US vodka market. Despite the relatively mundane appearance of the Absolut vodka bottle, this creative marketing campaign involved the use of everyday items and landscapes to mimic form, creating an exciting narrative that everyone loves.

This independent print ad is from 1957, when the use of artificial hair colors was stigmatized. The slogan “does it or does it not?” was created following a real conversation between editor Shirley Polykoff and her mother-in-law, taking advantage of the idea that hair coloring could be a secret between a woman and her hairdresser. Prior to Nike's “Just Do It” campaign in the late 1980s, the sportswear retailer almost exclusively supplied professional athletes and marathon runners. This huge campaign managed to change the perception of the brand by taking advantage of the latest US fitness fad and rebranding as a clothing store for the masses.

The ad challenges the idea that playing sports “like a girl” is a bad thing, and the hashtag is still used on social media today, with 44 new “girl power” emojis now available on mobile and social platforms around the world. This annual video is used to promote Google services, reminding users how much they use and trust the search engine in their daily lives. All videos contain a powerful message and tell a story of the past 12 months. When making a product video, there are formulas that work.

We break down the top 10 examples of product ads and explain why they work so well. Boom Fire is an Armenian energy drink. We knew that the target audience would say the same thing and that the market was so competitive, with many important players like RedBull with impeccable marketing and brand power. But what we noticed was that the main players were aiming for extreme sports, which are not so popular in Armenia.

So we decided to go in another direction: to target the young audience that loves the party (fast life, youthful exuberance, etc.). We created a product ad with an energetic atmosphere that represents non-stop parties lit by Boom Fire. Did you know that there are 318,000 Pringles flavor combinations? Impressive, isn't it? But after watching this video I asked myself: “Why choose this concept for a Super Bowl product ad? After a little thought, I think the secret is in the numbers. So much has been said about this place that I doubt it is adding anything new.

A really great piece, and not just because you see it with a smile on your face. There's a subliminal trigger message that makes you think: “If I don't start using Alexa, I'll be stuck in the past like these ancient people. Video convinces you that you think Alexa is an essential technology that you won't be able to live without, just like your mobile phone. Another outstanding element is the level of production, it is absolutely incredible.

So many locations and scenes, all created to perfection and edited in one big announcement. There's a lot going on in this product announcement. We have a celebrity sponsor, a full narrative story, a beautiful animation, a detailed sound design and more. All in a 30-second ad.

If you don't know who Nick Eh 30 is, you're not the demographic that AXE is targeting. But he's a professional video game streamer with more than 5 million subscribers on YouTube and 2 million followers on Instagram. And the vast majority of those fans are young adult men - perfect customers for male body spray - making this great content to show off how powerful it can be to know your target audience. Ads that encourage potential customers to purchase a specific product or service are known as retail ads.

These ads typically include specific products, their prices, sales dates, coupons, and a call to action. Examples of retail advertising include ads for car dealerships, supermarket ads in newspapers, and advertisements for clothing and jewelry stores. These ads are often nothing more than a list of products with prices pointing out discounts offered - changing with seasons, customer demand, new products and consumer trends - but this example from Colgate shows how creative advertising can be used effectively by placing their product lid to show off its crescent shape underneath against a consistent dark blue background of their brand - making it shine like pure crescent moon! Metro Trains in Australia is another great example of how seeing things differently can help you make creative content perfect for getting your message across - once “digital advertising” could easily have been defined as any advertisement on the Internet or digital device - but now it's so much more! Automakers rarely advertise number of cylinders in their engines or what type of brakes car offers as their main selling points as this isn't identifiable or attractive to many consumers - but this example from AXE shows how powerful creative product ads can be when it comes to inspiring audiences to feel certain way about your brand.

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