10 Fun Examples of Push Notifications to Engage Your Users

Push notifications are a great way to engage users and keep them informed about the latest news, events, and offers. They can be used to show the latest sports results, have a user perform an action, such as downloading a coupon, or informing the user about an event, such as a flash sale. In this article, we will look at 10 fun examples of push notifications from the food, gaming, e-commerce, mobile health and media industries and discuss what they do well. Our client Evino sees impressive returns from their push campaigns.

In an average week, their push notifications turn into 1,800 orders and it is estimated that 8 percent of their total revenue is generated from these notifications. Curtsy clothing reseller app satisfies a “day one” need with push notifications to guide its users through a high-touch, communication-rich app. Because users need between 20 and 30 messages to complete a single transaction, notification sequences like these pave the way for an effective application experience. Sometimes you're forced to send push notifications to users, even during peak times.

However willing your users are to act on your notifications, they may not find the time needed to complete all actions after opening the notification, such as completing a reservation or a purchase. Push notification actions can be very useful at this time. As seen in the case of Grofers, a leading on-demand online grocery delivery service, push notification actions were used to promote a 24-hour sale. Instead of simply reminding users about the sale with regular push notifications (which would have been annoying and just swiping them right now), Grofers added a push notification action that provided an option to “remind” users about the sale within an hour. Adding a personalization element with push notification actions can also help increase the response rate of notifications.

Groupon Remains Fastest Company to Achieve Billion Dollar Valuation. They took advantage of an innate human feeling: community discovery. They were able to bring the groups together to shop together. Entertain users by offering offers that can be taken advantage of by a group of people. Try to motivate users by taking advantage of their social nature.

Get your users and their friends to solve a problem, a challenge or win something. This remains a central concept for triggering chain reactions, which drives virality. Being called the number 1 buyer definitely has an emotion of its own. Plus, if you have amazing coupons to give away, it's like a cherry on the cake. Show users the benefit of becoming the number 1 buyer by explaining what awaits them and encouraging them to strive to achieve the goal.

Keep giving them hope and raising their morale. Swarm messages are a good starting point because they show many of the best practices for push notifications. The bread emoji before the restaurant's name is also a creative touch, since Dinosaurs is a sandwich shop. Presumably, Swarm uses unique emojis for each category of place in its database, allowing them to add a little spice to their notifications. Sunshine is a weather application that sends personalized forecasts based on your tastes. This feature is central to the differentiation of Sunshine as a weather application, and the company has clearly invested time in writing texts that fit its personalized data.

By combining a location-specific forecast with user-specific names and preferences, the message is presented as personal and welcoming. Delectable, the wine database application, found a way to incorporate current events into its messages. QuizUp, a mobile trivia game, created this ingenious re-engagement message. In this example, the person surely remembers why they downloaded QuizUp. It's a casual question and answer game, not a market or service. The user does not need a discount to regain interest in the application; a friendly reminder might be enough.

This Amazon retail push notification spices up an otherwise mundane shipping notice. By writing custom copies for popular items like the movie Star Wars, Amazon gets a better response from fans of the franchise. In this example, the copy is customized for the specific item rather than for the recipient; however if the recipient is a Star Wars fan then the message is essentially personalized for her as well. Amazon is taking advantage of user preference that is sure to add a charming and personalized touch to an otherwise prosaic message. Liquor Delivery Startup Minibar Found Perfect Opportunity to Take Part in U. S.

UU. In addition to encouraging users to exercise their civic duty, the push message presents an attractive call to action. QuizUp is basically a quiz application; it's supposed to be fun! Most customers are so sick of the usual recovery strategies that they ignore “we miss you” messages; so QuizUp stayed true to its own brand and sent this fun push notification. JetBlue is an airline that does it particularly well; like clockwork I always get small friendly note on my screen: “Hello! It's time to check in for your flight exactly 24 hours before your scheduled departure date”; it's one less thing I should remember to do and so these notifications in particular add value to me. While push notifications have been successful in generating “app opens” boosting app “usage” remains challenge; Ubisoft turned this challenge into opportunity by creating unique campaigns that engage their customers with fun activities.<.

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