What Does It Mean to Enable Push Notifications for Your App?

Apple's push notifications feature was enabled on iOS 3.0, providing users with a way to receive information from an app even when it isn't in use. Push notifications are sent to the center and can include real-time updates, transactional messages, reminders, and more. They appear as a message on a mobile device and can be sent by app publishers at any time. Push notifications can display sports results, prompt users to take an action such as downloading a coupon, or inform them about an event such as a flash sale. As an app publisher, you have the power to leverage push notifications to increase customer engagement.

The goal is not only to send push notifications but also to ensure they reach a wide subscriber base. Push notifications are very effective in helping users stay engaged with an app or re-engage with one they haven't used in a while. Companies should understand their audience, their lifestyles, and their needs in order to determine the frequency of their push notifications. For example, when sending an automatic notification about a recruiter looking for candidates, you can add a button that takes users to the recruiter's website and another button that takes them directly to the application form. Push notifications are supported by each mobile platform including iOS, Android, Fire OS, Windows, and BlackBerry.

With campaigns enabled, you can use push notifications as a proactive way to follow the buyer's journey. They appear as a pop-up window on the screen and can be used to let subscribers know when new content is published that might interest them. Practicing a good push notification strategy can help attract twice as much traffic to your website. When sending push notifications for holidays or special occasions, make sure there is relevant information other than just wishing them well. For instance, you could include discounts or special offers related to the holiday or occasion. Enabling push notifications for your app is an effective way to keep your users engaged and informed about new content or offers.

It's important to understand your audience and their needs in order to create effective push notifications that will reach your desired subscriber base.

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