Why Carrageenan is required in Infant Formula and Other foods?

Why Carrageenan is required in Infant Formula and Other foods?

For decades together, carrageenan is used in all kitchens all across the globe for its efficiency to improve food’s structural properties and texture, making drinks and foods, including the formula for infant, more nutritional and better tasting.

Carrageenan, a fibre extracted from red seaweed is a soluble substance, which preserves the consistency of drinks and various foods with low sugar, sodium and fat content , helps increasing its shelf life of organic and natural foods, making it easily available all across the world.

The most noticeable function is its nutrient suspension. Without this ingredient, added protein and vitamins in nutritious milks and all dairy beverages will deposit at the bottom of your glass or your replacement drink carton of your meal. Jin such cases shaking or stirring a drink will not be enough mix added protein or vitamins. Once they settle down, some quantity of the nutrients added will settle stubbornly at the bottom of your glass even after you try shaking it hard.

Due to its ability to maintain consistency of beverages, carrageenan is normally included in most infant formulas to help every drop is full of nutrients required for babies to mature and develop at a faster rate.

Whether it about a few shallows or consuming whole bottle, the consistency provided by carrageenan in mix ensures every child gets some of the essential nutrients they need.

To improve infant formulas and make them increasingly usable as an alternative for those in certain situations where mothers are not able to breastfeed their babies, this ingredient can be used to enhance the productiveness of each formulation to provide right nutrition for more and more children all across the globe, especially in regions where the water quality is poor and malnutrition is common.

Nutrition suspension plays an important role in beverages made for both adults and infants to provide proper nutrition.


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