4 Useful Tricks to Obtain More Flavor from E-Liquid

4 Useful Tricks to Obtain More Flavor from E-Liquid

People decide to vape for various different reasons but one of the biggest reason is the different flavors of e-liquid that vaping offers.  With vaping, you can enjoy sweet fruits, mint, rich tobacco, or some decadent dessert flavor. However, the flavors that are available in the market can vary in taste. In fact, the qualities of better ejuice can also differ.

Choose the Right Wick and Coil

If you are using a rebuildable atomizer then the things that go into the setup will matter a lot. Organic cotton wick will offer superior flavor because of the natural fibers that are absolutely free from pesticides and residue of fertilizer. For nickels, kanthals, and coils provide the best flavor. This is because metal is unreactive and can give a metallic taste.

Think about Your Dip Tip Again

If you savor the flavor of the vapor, narrow drip tip is considered to be the best when it comes to dripping atomizers. A smaller tip exposes e juice to lesser air and this gives an intense flavor to the e-liquid. The vapor clouds often get reduced with smaller tips, this is the reason you have to use a balance you requirement for flavor and cloud size.

Maintain the Vaping Mod

Even the best vaping mods can give a foul tasting flavor if you fail to keep them clean. With time, there is residue build up in the mods from the e-juice which gives the vapor a burnt taste. This causes the flavors to mix up and thereby turn unpleasant. Thus, make sure that you clean the e-cig thoroughly every week. Also, replace the wick along regularly in a rebuildable atomizer.

Mix Up the Things

If you use the same e-liquid for a long period of time, you might develop a vapors tongue. This is a condition which occurs when the taste buds become less sensitive to the taste of the vapor.