What Happens at an Alcohol Detox and Treatment Center?

What Happens at an Alcohol Detox and Treatment Center?

Before checking into a detox center, you or your family members might have a few questions about how the entire process is carried out. This article seeks to answer some of the most common questions about drug detox center and addiction treatment.

Some Symptoms of Detoxification

The symptoms of detoxification can vary from mild to severe depending on the nature of dependence and addiction. It also depends on mental and physical state as everyone’s capability is not the same. However, the symptoms of detoxification can be divided broadly into three phases.

The first phase is that of acute withdrawal that occur within the first 48 hours of discontinuation. This is characterized with rise in body temperature, nausea, vomiting and profuse sweating. The next two phases of abstinence involve elevated levels of anxiety, restlessness, and craving for alcohol.

How Long Will It Take?

An important thing that must be kept in mind is that detox of south Florida is the first step to recovery from addiction. Signing into a detox programs signifies an abrupt end to the intake of alcohol and is the initial step to ensure that your body is cleansed from all accumulated toxins and traces of alcohol. The detox takes around 10 days.

However, for a full rehab treatment, a total of 30-45 days or even longer is taken. The exact length of your stay at south Florida detox will depend on the type of addiction, history and severity. Any other medical conditions that the person is suffering from might also be taken into account.

Effects on the Body

Alcohol impacts several important parts of the body and can take a serious toll on overall heath. It takes a toll on the heart and might be the cause of cardiac distress and disorders. It can also weaken the immune system. Many detox centers use medicated and nutritional support to help the body recover.